Education Committee Overview

The Del Ray Citizens Association has two schools within our boundaries, Mount Vernon Community School (Elementary) and George Washington Middle School (technically speaking, GW Middle School is just outside the borders of the Association). However, the boundaries of our Association include attendance areas for three elementary schools.

* Children living within the boundaries of the Association on the south side of Monroe Avenue attend Jefferson-Houston Elementary.

* Children living within the boundaries of the Association on the north side of Clifford Avenue AND the east side of Mount Vernon Avenue attend Cora Kelly Elementary.

* All other areas of the Association attend the Mount Vernon Community School.

* In addition, Cora Kelly is a magnet school, and both Lyles-Crouch and Jefferson-Houston are focus schools. Families who live outside the attendance areas for these schools but who want their child to attend may apply. If these schools are oversubscribed, as it is clear they will be, the school system will select students from outside the school attendance areas by lottery.
The middle school for the entire Association area is George Washington Middle School. Minnie Howard is the 9th grade center and T. C. Williams is the high school for all of Alexandria.

State of the Schools

The DRCA has hosted a “State of the Schools” program each year since 2002. The Education Committee has also produce a booklet (available for download) on the schools that serve the Del Ray neighborhood. Our hope is that this resource, coupled with information provided at DRCA meetings, will give our community the tools it needs to learn about the school system, to interact with teachers and administrators, and to understand the areas in which schools need volunteers and outside help