Land Use

 The duties of the Land Use Committee are:

  1. To obtain information on any land use changes, which fall within or affects the area of the Association, requiring official action by the City of Alexandria and report such findings to the Association;
  2. To develop and recommend land use and zoning changes for consideration by the Board and the Association;
  3. To review and consider proposals by owners/purchasers of property for zoning changes, variances, special use permits, subdivisions or other land use actions which require action by the City Council or City Commissions; and
  4. To represent the Association in public meetings as requested by the Board.

The Land Use committee works to preserve the character and integrity of the neighborhood, expand and improve the vitality of the business district, help shape redevelopment in general and guard against encroachment. We accomplish this by forging relationships with city staff, residents and business owners/managers, neighboring civic associations, land use attorneys, and developers.

The committee meeting occurs prior to public hearings held by the City of Alexandria. It provides an early forum in which the applicant may meet with representatives of DRCA and neighbors interested in a proposal. We discuss ways to meet our common objectives, explore alternative approaches to unique situations and seek to find equitable solutions to any issues. The committee then forms its recommendations for consideration by the Executive Board and the Association.

The committee meets year-round, usually on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the Mt. Vernon Recreation Center, 2701 Commonwealth Avenue. DRCA members may observe although attendance is at the pleasure of the chair and may be restricted in accordance with the Association by-laws and Roberts Rules of Order.