Volunteer with the Parks Committee! The Parks Committee works to improve the number and quality of parks and open space in the Del Ray Community by actively coordinating with the City of Alexandria Parks and Recreation Department and participating in the City sponsored Adopt-a-Park Program. By keeping parks litter free, the Committee earns money for the Del Ray neighborhood which is reinvested into neighborhood parks. In 2018, the Parks volunteers raised $4,193 for the Association.

Chair: Peter Garafola


Adopt-a-Park Program

The Adopt-a-Park Program coordinates the pick up of trash from spring through fall in several neighborhood parks.  After weekly inspections, the City provides funds to DRCA at year-end in return for our efforts.

How can you help?
You can help by signing up for certain weeks throughout the year to be responsible to cleanup one of the local parks below. On Saturday or Sundays, spend some time picking up trash and recycling within one of your local parks. You bring your own bags and take the trash with you. DRCA can provide pickup sticks and training.

Why volunteer to help cleanup our parks?

  1. Keep Del Ray parks beautiful for our neighbors
  2. Enjoy the great weather! (Cleanup program runs from April to November)
  3. Earn city funds to improve the parks with new amenities, like the work done at the E Del Ray Park with DRCA Park funds and matching city money.
  4. It’s a fun activity for neighbors and families
  5. Make some progress in that podcast while getting some exercise.
  6. Get a better sense of what Del Ray’s parks have to offer and get some ideas of how DRCA can reinvest to improve them

DRCA has adopted several parks within the neighborhood as part of the city’s Adopt a Park program. DRCA members volunteer to clean the parks from April to November. The city follows up on random Mondays each month to inspect the parks and award points, which leads to the funds provided to the association at the end of the year.

DRCA has adopted the following parks:

  1. Commonwealth Island Medians – from Mason Ave to Mt. Vernon Ave
  2. Judy Lowe Neighborhood Park – E Del Ray and Commonwealth
  3. Mason Avenue Mini Park – between Monroe and Mason Avenues
  4. St. Asaph Park – between Oxford Avenue and Mt. Ida Avenue.
  5. WOD Trail Park – Mt. Jefferson Greenway parallels Randolph Ave to the east between East Custis and Raymond Ave
  6. Simpson Gardens – from the YMCA Parking lot to the ball field fence between E Monroe and Duncan Avenues
  7. Kettle Park – Bellefonte and Route 1 to the tree line

Google Map Overview of Park cleanup areas:

Interested in learning more? Email

Tree Planting and Beautification Committee

DRCA supports a tree planting program throughout Del Ray. Association members are encouraged to plant trees on their property that would improve the neighborhood tree canopy and provide natural shade to our community. Download this brochure and application for more information.

The City of Alexandria is responsible for planting and maintaining trees on public property. This is typically the space between the curb and the sidewalk. Do you know of locations where a City tree has died and needs to be replaced? Is there room in the planting strips on your street for additional public trees to be planted? You can help make Del Ray green again by identifying locations where trees have died and need to be replaced. Work with your neighbors to identify locations where additional new trees can be planted. For more information contact the Alexandria City Arborist:

The City of Alexandria sponsors a Spring and Fall Tree Sale to make appropriate trees available at reasonable prices to city residents. Trees are typically available from $35 to $50 each. The Fall tree sale is typically held in October and the Spring sale is typically scheduled on Earth Day – watch this space for additional information on the plans for this event. This is a great way for a group to neighbors to affordably Green their part of Del Ray.