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Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Committee Overview

The next meeting of the DRCA Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Committee will be held onMonday, September 16, 2013 from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Mount Vernon Recreation Center, 2701 Commonwealth Ave. For more information, contact committee chair Jay Nestlerode.

Custis Ave. and Route 1 intersection
The Traffic and Parking Board (TPB) voted to defer the decision until the Feb. 25 meeting, as there were not enough comparable data for the surrounding streets to gauge the effect of a new traffic pattern, such as making Custis Ave. right-in-right-out. While traffic has increased on the neighborhood streets during the development process, the city has different accounts of exactly how big the increase is on each street.

There are several different scenarios for modifying the intersection at Custis Ave. and Rt. 1, such as no left turn, do not enter, and right-in-right-out., and what time of day to apply them. The potential reduction in the number of vehicles on Custis Ave. ranges from 430 to 1,627. Which streets these vehicles end up on is not known.

Crosswalk at Mt Ida Ave. and Commonwealth Ave.
Representatives from the Traffic Committee will meet with Alexandria Pedestrian/Bicycle Coordinator Yon Lambert, Principal Coleman of Mt. Vernon School and PTA President John Donaldson to discuss the crosswalk in Feb. The crosswalk does not align with the handicap ramp, which is against city guidelines. According to Lambert, Commonwealth Ave. is scheduled for repaving in the spring, and the crosswalk will be replaced. The proposal is to redo the ramps to align with the existing crosswalk.

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  1. Are Alexandria residents allowed to attend committee meetings? I have a great interest in these topics, as a pedestrian, biker, and Del Ray citizen.

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