In May 2016, the City surveyed on- and off-street parking areas in Del Ray to document existing parking in the neighborhood and assess utilization.  This information will be compared with the data collected in 2010 to identify changes in parking conditions and ultimately develop strategies to better manage parking within the area

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Membership Meeting Minutes-June 8, 2016

  • Call to order, 7:12
  • Agenda Items
    • Revitalize MVCS Playground, Susan Harris
    • Land Use Committee Report, Barry Nolan
    • Alexandria Police, Capt. Dennis Andreas
    • Land Use Committee Report (cont’d), Rod Kuckro
    • Meet the DRCA Presidential Candidates, Rod Kuckro & Julie Jakopic
    • Candidate Q&A
    • Elections
    • Bylaws Committee, Seán Crumley
    • Elections Results
    • Announcements
  • Adjournment, 9:15

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LUC Sept. 13 Agenda

The following item is on the Land Use Committee’s agenda for its Sept. 13th meeting at the Mt. Vernon Rec Center at 7 pm. All are welcome to attend and provide comments. The case will be voted on at the September 14th DRCA membership meeting. If you have an interest in this case, please attend the LUC meeting.

Happy Tart, 2307A Mt. Vernon Ave. SUP 2016-0055. Application to operate a restaurant with 10 indoor seats and 20 outdoor seats with a parking reduction of 3 spaces.

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Help Support Al’s Steakhouse (the Breeding Family)

As most everyone in town is aware, Al’s Steakhouse suffered a devastating fire on July 6, 2016 the same day as their grand re-opening. Please help support this neighborhood establishment by donating to the Breeding family in any way you can. Holy Cow is hosting an  Al’s Pop Up Restaurant on Thursday July 14th at 5:30, FireFlies is collecting donations inside their restaurant, and a Go Fund Me page has been set up to raise $5,000. Read more about the fire in the Del Ray Patch article. DRCA has donated to the Breeding family, and we hope our members will provide support as well.als-steakhouse-fundraiser

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June 14 LUC Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are now available

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LUC July 12 Agenda

The following item is on the Land Use Committee’s agenda for its July 12th meeting at the Mt. Vernon Rec Center at 7 pm. All are welcome to attend and provide comments. Depending on when the applicant files for the public hearing, the case may be voted on at the September DRCA membership meeting. If you have an interest in this case, please attend the LUC meeting.

Oakville Triangle Office Building (Block A) presentation of conceptual designs for first building in Oakville Triangle.

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Membership Meeting Minutes-May 11, 2016

  • Call to Order, 7:32
  • Agenda items:
    • Police Report
    • Potomac Yard Metro Station
    • House & Garden Tour recap
    • Bylaws Committee Report
    • Dominion Virginia Transmission Line
    • Land Use Committee
    • Funding Request
    • Announcements

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May 10 LUC Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes now available

Updated: An earlier version of this post included a broken link that led to a sign in page. This has been resolved. Our apologies.


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DRCA Membership Meeting June 8th


Reingold Building
433 East Monroe Ave
Alexandria, VA 22301


Due to a full agenda we will be starting the meeting promptly at 7PM

1) Police Update by Dennis Andreas – Alexandria Police Department

2) Mount Vernon Community School Playground Improvement Update

3) Land Use Committee Business:

a) 113 East Custis proposed subdivsion– review LUC recommendation letter related to application

b) Applicant for 1504B will answer membership questions related to SUP application, membership         voting will commence on this application:

1504B Mt. Vernon Ave Pizza Restaurant – We had a rushed May Membership meeting at an alternate location and did not have a quorum to vote on the LUC recommendations for this SUP. We have asked the applicant to come to the June meeting to answer questions related to the application. Pending a quorum the membership will vote on DRCA Land Use Committees recommendations once the applicant has been given opportunity to speak.

4) Introduction of two Candidates for President followed by a Brief Question and Answer session.

5) Voting by Secret Ballot for Office of President – followed by open vote of affirmation for Uncontested Executive positions:
Sean Crumley – Secretary
Bea Robinson – Treasurer
Lisa Quandt – Seargeant at Arms

6) Voting on the final draft of the bylaws revisions ( use link below to review )

7) Seargeant at Arms will announce the new DRCA President

8) Membership Announcements

Contested Election for President:  

As a reminder, elections for the next term of DRCA President will be held via secret ballot during this week’s membership meeting. All current, eligible members may vote. Per the bylaws, an eligible member is one in good standing as of the May membership meeting. The two candidates running for president are:

Rod Kuckro – candidate questionnaire responses

Julie Jakopic – candidate questionnaire responses

We strongly encourage members to attend the meeting to hear each candidate discuss their vision for the DRCA, as well as the Q&A that will follow. However, for those that cannot make it there will be an absentee ballot option:

If you have any questions or are interested in lending a hand, don’t hesitate to contact any existing DRCA board members or Tim Herbert of the elections committee.

To vote via Absentee ballot Visit
St. Elmo’s coffee shop from 8:00AM- 10:00AM on Wednesday, June 8th.

Look for Tim Herbert at a table marked with DRCA. Your membership status will be confirmed at the time of voting.

Unsolicited Donation to Simpson Dog Park:

On behalf of the Del Ray Citizens Association we give a warm thank you to Manager -Jim Verderber and the Owner of North Henry Automotive for their kind donation of $5,000 toward the Simpson Dog Park Renovations. Jim and the staff at North Henry Automotive are dog lovers and wanted to help out the neighborhood.  Please be sure to thank Jim next time you patronize The North Henry Automotive Center on North Henry Street for their kind donation to the Simpson Dog Park.

Recipient of DRCA Scholarship Award:

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2016 DRCA Scholarship award is Elisa Castro – Senior at TC Williams High School.  Elisa was ill the night of the award banquet and was unable to attend. I have reached out to her for information regarding her future education plans and hope to have an update for the membership meeting Wednesday evening.

Potomac Yard Metro Station Final EIS Now Available for Review:

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) as the Federal lead agency, in cooperation with the City of Alexandria, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), and the National Park Service (NPS), has prepared a Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Potomac Yard Metrorail Station. The proposed project includes the construction of a new Metrorail Station located at Potomac Yard within the City of Alexandria, Virginia along the existing Blue and Yellow Lines between the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Station and the Braddock Road Station.
The Final EIS compares the No Build Alternative with the Preferred Alternative for the project that was identified by the City of Alexandria, identifies impacts of the alternatives, states how public comments received on the Draft EIS were addressed, incorporates further design and refinement of the project to minimize community and environmental impacts, and describes measures for avoiding, minimizing, or mitigating adverse impacts.
The Final EIS is available for review and can be accessed from the project website at the following link:
FTA will respond to any new substantive comments on the Final EIS received by July 11, 2016 at the following addresses:
by email:
by mail:  Potomac Yard Metrorail Station EIS, P.O. Box 16531, Alexandria, VA 22302
In conjunction with the Final EIS, the National Park Service has prepared a Draft Statement of Findings (SOF) for Floodplains and Wetlands that analyzes the impacts of the proposed Potomac Yard Metrorail Station to floodplain and wetland within the George Washington Memorial Parkway and adjacent Greens Scenic Area easement. The public is invited to provide input on the draft SOF; comments will be accepted from June 10 through July 11, 2016. To view the draft SOF and instructions for providing comments, please visit the NPS project website for the Potomac Yard Metro Station at the following link: . The draft SOF is also available for viewing at

Presidents Message:

As President of the Del Ray Citizens Association for the past 2 years, I owe the utmost gratitude to the executive officers and families of the executive officers that served with me. I greatly appreciate the countless evening hours attending meetings and serving on committees after tending to daily demands of careers and families.  Special thanks to the Quandt Family for committing a tremendous amount of time to the organization. I also want to thank all of those that served on the bylaws revision committee, especially Chair Sean Crumley for keeping track of all the discussions and incorporating the details into the countless drafts.  Last but not least, I would like to thank Bea Robinson and Barb DeMerse for a tremendously successful House and Garden Tour this past May. My term of service has come to an end and I can think of no greater reward than to realize the achievements of this board to inspired others to serve and apprehend the strength of this organization and that others may continue to intensify the connection between city leaders and the citizens of Del Ray. I thank membership for the pleasure of serving this neighborhood organization virtuously.

Thank you,

Jay Nestlerode

Executive Officers
Rod Kuckro, Lisa Quandt, Susan Lechtanski, Bea Robinson, Sean Crumley & Jason Albers

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LUC June 14 Agenda

The following item is on the Land Use Committee’s agenda for its June 14th meeting at the Mt. Vernon Rec Center at 7 pm. All are welcome to attend and provide comments. The case will not be voted on at the next DRCA membership meeting as the case will go to the Planning Commission on July 5th. If you have an interest in this case, please attend the LUC meeting.

2619 E. Randolph Ave Amendment to Subdivision 2016-0005. Application to amend previously approved subdivision. The applicant proposes to leave the existing residence and construct a single family residence on the second lot. The original 2005 subdivision had been approved for demolishing the existing residence and constructing semi-detached residences.

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