Lighting proposed for Simpson Park dog area

At its October meeting, the Planning Commission will consider a city proposal to install lighting at the dog area at Simpson Park.

Owners of dogs who use the park made the request for lighting to the city earlier this year. The Park and Recreation Commission endorsed it this spring.

The dog area is currently unlit, despite being used by many dog owners after dark. Other areas of the park are lit until 10 p.m., but these lights do not shine into the dog area.

The proposed lights would be user-activated by push button, staying lit for 20 minutes unless pushed again and automatically turned off at 10 p.m.

The city will provide funding for the lighting, but other needed improvements at the dog area are not currently funded. At the request of dog owners who use the park, the DRCA is setting up a fund to accept donations that would be used to help pay for additional improvements. If you would like to contribute, send a check made out to the DRCA to DRCA, P.O. Box 2233, Alexandria, VA 22301, with “Simpson Park Dog Area” indicated in the memo line.