Council urged to keep Warwick Village pool open

WarwickpoolThe Warwick Village Citizens Association has asked the City Council to keep the Warwick Village pool open once again during the 2014 summer season.

City manager Rashad Young had proposed closing the pool in his fiscal 2014 budget request, but the Council voted to keep the pool open for the summer of 2013.

In a letter to the Council dated September 23 and excerpted below, Glenn Christianson, president of the citizens association, said “the pool has long been important to the citizens of Warwick Village and the surrounding neighborhoods. It is our place for recreation, where residents come to relax and to learn how to swim. In addition, it is our community’s main gathering place.

“We are also concerned about the long-term use of the site. We would ask that you set funds aside to undertake a feasibility study that will set forth prudent and clear options.

“On September 17, I attended a meeting with Advocates for Alexandria Aquatics, representatives of the Virginia Theological Seminary (the owner of the land where the pool is located), and Councilman Justin Wilson. At that meeting, all parties agreed that a feasibility study of the site is needed so that plans for the continued use of the land and building can move forward.

“Once the study is complete, I can take that information back to our citizens with a clear idea of what will be done next. Warwick Village Citizens Association can then join with the city in helping to make that vision a reality. Keeping the site usable and open to the public is in the best interests of the community.”