City seeks applicants for advisory group on Oakville Triangle redevelopment

Oakville Triangle and Route 1 Corridor Planning Area_sm-page-001The city will begin a community planning process for possible redevelopment of the Oakville Triangle industrial park next month, and is seeking citizens to serve on an advisory group.

The City Council established the Oakville Triangle and Route 1 Corridor Advisory Group on March 11. The nine-member Advisory Group will provide advice to city staff on the planning and associated regulatory submissions for Oakville Triangle and the Route 1 Corridor. The group will develop principles regarding potential land uses, open space, sustainability, transportation and connectivity issues, and potential community benefits, among other topics. The group will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, April 29 and will meet monthly on average during the approximately 18-month process.

Civic associations in the area of the Oakville Triangle will appoint three of the group’s nine slots: the DRCA, Hume Springs Citizens Association, and the Lynhaven Civic Association. The Planning Commission will also appoint a representative.

The city is seeking to fill 5 additional slots: Potomac Yard South (CDD #10) resident, business representative, and three at-large positions.

Those who want to apply must complete and submit the brief application form, which can be found here, to the Department of Planning and Zoning no later than 9 a.m. on March 24. Additional information can be found here or requested from Amy Friedlander at 703-746-3858 or

For more information about the upcoming Oakville Triangle and Route 1 Corridor planning process or the Advisory Group, please click here.

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