March 13, 2014 Land Use Agenda

March 13, 2014 – 7:00PM

Mount Vernon Recreation Center

1. Welcome (7:00pm)

2. Open Meeting (7:15pm )

A.) BZA Case #2014-00006 Presentation from Owner

404 E Del Ray Ave

R2-5, Residential

Request for special exception to construct addition in required side yard.

Applicant: Thomas and Amy Trail

Staff Contact: Peter Leiberg

B.) Oakville Triangle Redevelopment Preliminary Presentation

Doug Firstenberg, Stonebridge Carras

Duncan Blair, Land, Carrol & Blair PC

Staff Contact: Jeffrey Farner, Carrie Beach

C.) SUP 2013-0092

2309 Mt. Vernon Ave

Request: New restaurant and technical parking reduction

LUC Reviewer: Danielle Fidler

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