DRCA selects Ben Flood as Oakville advisory group rep

The DRCA has selected Ben Flood as its representative to the nine-member Oakville Triangle and Route 1 Corridor Advisory Group, which will advise city staff on a pending proposal to redevelop about 13 acres of the 20-acre Oakville Triangle industrial park on Route 1 as well as how to deal with redevelopment expected to eventually take place on nearby Route 1 properties.

Flood, who lives at 119 E. Raymond Ave., graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He is a project manager for Walter L. Phillips Inc., a Falls Church civil engineering firm. In that capacity, he has worked on a number of land use and development projects in Alexandria.

The city is expected to announce the names of the other members of the advisory group soon. The first meeting of the group is scheduled for Tuesday, April 29.

Although the city is keeping the formal advisory group small in size, it is encouraging anyone interested in the project to attend meetings and provide perspective on the issues involved in redevelopment.

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