October 7, 2014 LUC Meeting Agenda

Land Use Committee Monthly Meeting Agenda: October 7, 2014 – 7:00PM
Mount Vernon Recreation Center

1. Welcome/ Introductions (7:00pm)

2. Open Meeting (7:15pm)

A.) 100 East Windsor Avenue – The Del Ray Montessori School SUP #2014-0084
Request to add students, number of classrooms to stay the same
November Planning Commission
Staff Contact:
LUC Reviewer: Wolf Ramm
November Planning Commission
B.) 2016 Mount Vernon Avenue – Seva Café SUP #2014-0086
Request to amend SUP and to add alcohol sales and change its format from a coffee shop to a quick-service restaurant.
Staff Contact:
LUC Reviewer: Barry Noll
November Planning Commission

C.) Route 1/ Oakville Triangle Update from Meeting #6
Next meeting: October 27, 2014 Oakville Triangle Meeting #7
Transportation Study

3. Closed Meeting
A.) Vote on/Discuss Agenda Items

4. Meeting Adjourned (8:55pm)

Next DRCA LUC Meeting: Date 11/11/14 at 7:00pm at the Mt. Vernon Recreation Center
Planning Commission Meeting: October 7, 2014, November 6. 2014
DRCA Membership Meeting: October 8, 2014
BZA Meeting: October 9, 2014

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