April Membership Meeting Notes

DRCA – April 8, 2015

Meeting Called to Order at: 7:30PM        By: President Jay Nesterlode

  1. Police Update
    1. 10 new offenses in Del Ray
      1. All larceny offenses
      2. Captain focusing on Beverly Hills/Del Ray
        1. Vehicle thefts on Oakville St.
          1. Company servicing cars was not locking them
        2. Shoplifting thefts (one person arrested)
      3. Crime rate is +16% citywide
      4. Alexandria reduced crime .1% in 2014 (four fewer crimes/closed six homicides)
      5. Fallen Officers Police Memorial – please visit, at Police HQ; Thank you to Pat Miller and other donors
      6. Captain Scott Ogden retires on May 1, 2015 – congratulations and all the best
      7. Andreas will take over the role from Capt. Ogden


  1. Land Use Update
    1. Special Exception for 18 W. Del Ray
      1. Presentation was viewed favorably by Land Use
      2. Style fits the neighborhood
  • Unanimous member support
  1. Aldi Grocery Store Parking Reduction
    1. Parking spaces needed to meet compliance is 40
    2. Parking numbers do not require this amount
  • By supporting parking reduction – looking for site improvements
    1. Widen sidewalks – option
    2. Planting options
    3. Email land use – [email protected]
  1. Del Ray Farmers Market Pedestrian Plaza
    1. City removed two trees – hazards
    2. Paving the gravel site with brick pavers
  • New trees will be planted – silva sills; helpful for tree growth
  1. DRBA – maintaining plantings; public art piece
  2. DRCA – funds from house and garden tour for furniture (table/chairs with umbrellas and make it more of gathering place)
  3. Hillary Poole will visit next month


  1. Robert Krupicka Jr.
    1. Delegate to Virginia State Legislature; not running for re-election – Sugar Shack and other ventures to keep busy
    2. No Medicaid debate during this session – more bipartisanship work
    3. Five bills done by Krupicka
      1. Change the way schools are rank/credited; middle way of evaluation
        1. Jefferson Houston math scores 15% increase, not yet at standards but that is a significant increase
      2. Testing reform in high school
        1. Reducing high stake testing; currently earn credit hours to earn high school degree – rid credit hour – move to achievement/skill attainment based model
  • Renter – Landlords must remove mold if discovered
    1. Requires removal
    2. Requires documentation
  1. Truth in Advertising for Senior Citizens – Home Care Services
    1. Licensed service – unlicensed persons taking advantage of seniors
    2. Cannot market as a home care service without licensing
  2. Ban the box on state employment agencies (passed through executive order)
    1. Cannot ask prior to the first interview
    2. Reduce crime through employment
  3. Budget passed near unanimous
    1. Teacher raises and higher education increases
    2. Passed campus safety
  • Expelled from campus for sexual assault – goes on transcript
  1. Numerous lower level crimes get added to DNA state database
  2. Improved coordination and communication between universities, prosecutors and police
  3. Ethics reform passed; given fifteen minutes before vote
    1. Unlimited gift cap/Speaker cut off debate
    2. Amendments have been proposed – put cap back in place
    3. Vote during veto session
      1. Ethics reforms are curious – not a lot of people get the gifts but people want to someway protect the chance that they could one day get gifts and trips
  • Childcare licensing
    1. Local NOVA governments do a good job regulating
    2. Rest of State has more issues with licensing and appropriate care
    3. “Weak” reforms, did not want to increase costs, some new restrictions on licensing
    4. Could be tightening during veto session; background check for all may be added during veto session
  • Pedestrian Rights – did not make it out of committee
    1. In Virginia not required to stop for you in crosswalk
    2. Progress on bicycle safety
  1. Non-partisan redistricting reform – never passes in House
    1. Need party parity in House, 68-32 not going to work
  1. Jeff Horner – Oakville Update
    1. Presentation; integration with transportation Del Ray/Lynhaven; introduction of retail
      1. 150,000 square ft of retail proposed
      2. Holisitic approach with Potomac Yard retail
  • Office want metro station and amenities
  1. Keep some of the current businesses in the plan; integrated
  2. Design standards and doors
  3. Building Heights; townhouse scale next to neighborhoods
  • Design guidelines; maximum and variety of height
  • Exxon possibly being kept
  1. Mount Jefferson Park/Open Space
    1. Buildings would be taken out of the park
    2. Topography is essential element of park
  • Public art/plaques
  1. Pedestrian connections
  1. Work Session with City Council in June
  2. Online survey – comments until April 15th; Mount Jefferson park
  1. Upcoming Events and Announcements
    1. DRCA Pocket Park Clean Up – Need Volunteers
      1. Commonwealth Island Medians – from Mason Ave. to Mt. Vernon Ave.
      2. Del Ray Mini Park – E. Del Ray Commonwealth
  • Mason Avenue Mini Park – Monroe/Mason Avenues
  1. St. Asaph Park – Oxford Ave and Mt. Ida Ave.
  2. Simpson Gardens
  3. WOD Trail
  1. Budget Process will be addressed next month – Justin Wilson, City Council
  2. Monroe Avenue Improvements
    1. Construction starting out soon
    2. City website
  3. May 7 – First Thursday; Dog Days
  4. Del Ray Artisans
    1. Paws and Claws at Vola Lawson – until end of May
    2. 18th annual student show; opening Friday, April 10; short three weeks
  • Adventures in Mixed Media – May
  1. Building Bridges – June

Meeting adjourned at 9:30PM