Membership Meeting Minutes-May 9, 2018


  1. Welcome
  2. Alexandria Police Report
  3. House and Garden tour update
  4. New Business: Del Ray’s “ambulatory ambulance”
  5. Land Use Committee Report: Mother of Light Outreach Center,
  6. Stormwater Management Fee
  7. Special Guest: VA Senator, Adam Ebbin
  8. Nominations & Elections Committee Report
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjournment

  1. Welcome and introduction, DRCA President Rod Kuckro
    Call to Order: 7:03
    Recap of Rebuilding Together Alexandria
    Dominion Electric substation at Mason & Commonwealth being torn down but leaving fence.
    Announcement of elimination south entrance for new Potomac Yard Metro station.
    New Del Ray Historic District signs not ready for House & Garden Tour but expected by June meeting
  2. Alexandria Police Report, Captain Dennis Andreas
    Crime report: Larceny from auto drive our crime statistics. All reported larcenies from unlocked cars. Lock car. Roll up windows. Don’t leave valuables visible. 2 YMCA  lockers without locks robbed. Use locks. Auto stolen on Custis found in DC.
    Traffic report: 43 stops up from last month (Mostly Route 1 and MVA because of speed). 15 crashes, 1 injury.  47 parking violations (up), mostly nearfire hydrants.
  1. House and Garden tour update
    Last night for $20 tickets. Still need  docents. Please volunteer!
  2. T-shirt cannon: T-shirt give-away from  Rebuilding Together Alexandria  event
  1. New Business, DRCA President Rod Kuckro:
    Motion by Ellen McHugh:  Ask City Council and City Manager to put ambulance unit back in Station 202
    Discussion: Impact on business community and public safety. Some expressed a desire to  replicate process when 202 was moved. Some express desire to save City money. Some concerned about ability to responds quickly to medical emergencies.
    Vote:  For-16; Against-28. Motion doesn’t carry.
  1. Land Use Committee Report , Co-Chair Kristine Hesse
    Mother of Light Outreach Center,  421 E Clifford
    New model: Volunteer coordination center for volunteers to distribute supplies. One Saturday a month, clothing donations pickup. Train volunteers. Fear of surge of homeless people greatly reduced. No cooking on site, but bagged lunches.
    Committee motion: Support with conditions: Enclose trash with weekly pickup. Appoint a POC for neighborhood concerns.
    Discussion.  One neighbor spoke in support and two neighbors spoke in opposition. Two neighbors spoke somewhere in the middle. It was noted that application shows good faith in changing business model so quickly.
    Amended: Review after 6 month of operations (also a year)
    Vote:  For-16; Against-28. Motion carries.
    Neighbors encouraged to go to Planning Commission, City Council to voice concerns, support.
  1. Stormwater Management Fee, Rachael Moxley, Transportation & Environmental Services, City of Alexandria
    Phase I: May 2018, first billing. 4 residential tiers (e.g., townhouse; 58.80). Nonresidential based on actual non pervious surface area.
    Phase II: Opportunities to apply for credits (e.g. rain barrel usage) to reduce fee.
  1. Special Guest: VA Senator, Adam Ebbin
    Sen. Ebbin discussed his legislative record (874 bills passed) and challenges (69 gun violence bills failed) and the work of the Privileges and Election Commission: Making easier to vote, redistricting: who draws? What’s fair?
    Followed by questions from the membership.
  1. Report from Nominations & Elections Committee, Chair Paul Linehan (via Rod Kuckro)
    2018-2019 Slate announced:
  • President: Annie Ebbers, current Vice President
  • Vice President: Ellen Patrick
  • Membership Director: Virginia Amos (incumbent)
  • Activities Director: Tom Ortiz (incumbent)
  • Treasurer: open
  • Secretary: open
  • Chief Information Officer: Skyler Yost
  • Past President: Rod Kuckro (ex officio)
  1. Announcements:

Del Ray Business Association

  • Cinema Del Ray: Lion King
  • Taste of Del Ray $10 advance purchase
  • First Thursday: June 7, Unmask your Superhero,

Del Ray Artisans

  • Current show: Atomic Dog
  • Special event: Outdoor spring art market. Same day as house tour
  • Next show: Wanderlust
  • Youth art camp in July
  • Also GUAC

Del Ray Citizens Association

  • Vice-President Annie Ebber’s birthday
  1. Meeting adjourned: 8:47pm