Membership Meeting Minutes-December 12, 2018


  1. Welcome
  2. Alexandria Police Report, Capt. Dennis Andreas
  3. Alexandria Sheriff’s Office Report, Sgt. Sean Casey
  4. Mount Jefferson Traffic Garden
  5. Alexandria Renew
  6. Land Use Committee Report
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. Announcements

  1. Call to Order, 7:02 pm, DRCA President Annie Ebbers
    1. Introduce DRCA Board
    2. Eat cookies
  2. Alexandria Police Report, Capt. Dennis Andreas
    1. Crime:
      1. 8 part 1 crimes, 7 larcenies (6 of 7 theft from unlocked vehicles)
      2. 4 license plates stolen
    2. Traffic:
      1. 12 crashes in Del Ray, 1 with pedestrian injury (at MVA and Monroe Avenue)
      2. Drunk driving stop at Braddock and MVA
      3. Overall, 64 traffic stops
      4. Speed is #1 issue on north/south routes in the neighborhood
  3. Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Sean Casey
    1. Spring Sheriff Community Academy, March/April (TBD)
      1. 9am-1pm on four Saturdays
    2. Operation “Elf”
      1. Gifts or Giftcards for families of the incarcerated
      2. Deadline for donations extended till 12/19
      3. Drug take-back program at Neighborhood Pharmacy
  4. Mount Jefferson Traffic Garden, Christine Mayeur, Alexandria Department of Transportation and Environmental Services (T&ES), Complete Streets Coordinator
    1. Emo ride circuit
    2. Instructors for teaching
    3. Supports Vision Zero, etc (and other city initiatives)
    4. No lights except special events
    5. Questions:
  5. Alexandria Renew, Jim Beall
    1. Wastewater management from ALX and FFX
    2. Current combined sewer vs separate sewer systems (for waste waster vs stormwater)
    3. New tunnels to be built to carry storm water to processing center
    4. Expect $300-500 increase in bills
    5. Asking for $25 Million in grants to reduce impact
    6. Goal is to reduce overflow events to less than four a year
    7. Questions from audience:
      1. Climate change predictions? Using EPA predictions
      2. Why four events and not “Vision Zero”?
      3. Impact of Trump’s redefining waterway environmental standards?
      4. Is drilling limited to under parks and undeveloped areas or under buildings?
      5. Impact of archaeological finds?
      6. FFX helping to fund?
      7. Link:
  6. Land Use Committee, Kristine Hesse, LUC Co-Chair
    1. New proposal for Anthony’s Auto Garage site (Hume and MVA)  coming soon
    2. Planned conversion to offices
    3. Two wings to be added to garage for offices
    4. Cut-through eliminated (from Hume to Commonwealth)
    5. January final proposal to LUC, Planning Commission
    6. Not higher than current garage
    7. Under FAR limits
    8. Bonaventure (developer)
  7. Treasurer’s Report
    1. DRCA Board voted to support $250 to First Nnight Alexandria “Kids Karnival” in in Del Ray
    2. DRCA Board voted to give $250 HHS Holiday sharing program
  8. Announcements:
    1. Del Ray Business Association (DRBA)
      1. Twelve trees along MVA decorated by local non-profits
        1. Vote for “People’s Choice” by 12/24 ( at
          1. $500 prize to winning non-profit
          2. Judge’s choice, also $500.
    2. Del Ray Artisans (DRA)
      1. Holiday Market (still one more weekend: Friday 6-9, Sat and Sun 10-6)
      2. January Exhibit “Faces”. Opening reception: Friday, January 4, 7pm-9pm
    3. Holiday Bike Ride in Del Ray
  9. Adjourned: 7:58 pm