Membership Meeting Minutes-March 11, 2019

  • Welcome
  • Agenda Alexandria
  • Alexandria Police Report
  • Special Guest: APD Chief Michael Brown
  • Alexandria Sheriff’s Office Report
  • Land Use Committee Report
  • DRCA Business Announcements
  • General Announcements 

  1. Call to Order, Annie Ebbers, DRCA President
    1. 7:05pm (technical  difficulties)
    2. Board introductions: Bea Robinson, Treasurer; Seán Crumley, Secretary; Virginia Amos, Membership Director; Tom Ortiz, Activities Director; Ellen Patrick , Vice President
  2. Agenda Alexandria, Michael Pope
    1. History of the Town of Potomac on March 25
    2. Special location at the Salvation Army, 1804 Mount Vernon Avenue
    3. Lee Ness, Ted Pulliam planned panelists
      (Note: Lee Ness had a family emergency and was replaced by Rod Kuckro at event)
    4. On this day in 1908: Virginia General Assembly approved the incorporation of the Town of Potomac (March 13, 1908) in Alexandria (later Arlington) County.
    5. Potomac Yard tax revenue diverted to Alexandria in 1930
    6. “Randy Peaches” catering event
    7. TC Williams will be recording presentation for the AA YouTube Channel
    8. Launching podcast
  3. Alexandria Police Department; Capt. Dennis Andreas
    1. Tip:  If you keep a spare car key in car, don’t leave car unlocked
      1. Keep a house key there even worse.
  4. Special guest: Chief Michael Brown, Alexandria Police Department
    1. Grand Theft Auto: Biggest issue in City but Del Ray not a hot spot
    2. SunTrust Bank robbery: Suspect in custody arrested in Prince George’s County after string of robberies in DC, VA, MD
    3. Budget: No degradation in police service on account of cuts on account of efficiency measures put in place
      1. Eight new officers on deck (more than authorized because of retirements coming)
      2. Radar for all patrol units, no more chasing
      3. Automated citation devices (already in use for parking violations). Barcode on registration and scan drivers license. (More time for more tickets)
    4. Many hours of community service plus voluntary contact. Example: Southern Towers beat, walking the building from the top floor down to meet residents)
    5. APD website under revision
    6. Scooters?
      1. Call number on scooter to report abandoned property (Company is required to collect improperly parked)
      2. Must park in designated areas. “Virtual docks”?
      3. More APD concern about scooters in operation (moving vehicle dangers)
      4. Scooter education? Problem not with youth.
    7. Bike cops in Del Ray? Coming with warm weather
    8. Concern about minibikes on sidewalks.
    9. 3/22 Charles Hill Day
  5. Alexandria Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Sean Casey
    1. SO Overview (secondary law enforcement, manage City jails, protect courts)
    2. Aim for Alexandria jails: “Come out a better person”
    3. Recognition of Dep. Juarez for life-savings efforts in I95.
    4. Eight new recruits. Always taking applications. Next exam 3/28
    5. Closest jail (RVA?)
    6. Question about ICE Contract
      1. City had contract with US Marshals for up to 150 federal pre-trial prisoners since 1987. 2007 renewed, added ICE.
      2. ICE use of ALX jails reduced by 90% (mostly transfers).
      3. Must follow the law.
  6. Land User Committee, Kristine Hesse, Co-chair
    1. New owner for beergarden at 1500 block of MVA. Addes kitchen and is separate from Charlie’s on the Avenue who had previsouly approved SUP
  7. DRCA Announcements, Annie Ebberts, President
    1. Parks Committee needs new chair!
      1. Adopt a park makes money for DRCA parks fund
    2. DRCA Board nominations needed by April. Contact Annie if interested or have questions
    3. Kettle Park Update
      1. Photo op
      2. Effort a long tiome in coming (4 years ago  first efforts) 
      3. Community matching fund available (up to $22,500)
      4. A bit over $4K  left to raise to meet fundraising goal by end of June
      5. Goal to start planting in fall
      6. Additional monies from DRCA parks fund and beatification fund. Also funds from Chili cook-off and winners’ who all contributed their winnings
    4. MVA Road resurfacing
      1. Worst potholes to be done by April
      2. MVA repaving project will start in spring 6-9 months
      3. Current utility work will be done by June?
      4. Done by next summer
  8. General Announcements
    1. 2020 House and Garden Tour
      1. Planning has begun!
      2. Focus on homes south of Monroe
      3. Fundraising idea?
    2. Rebuilding Together Alexandria : This year’s project is Friends of Guest House (on Luray), in Del Ray for 30 years,
      1. Activity 4/27. No skills needed to volunteer: Painting, staining, yard work
      2. Spring Bar Crawl (April 6) will raise funds for FoGH
    3. Del Ray Business Association
      1. First 2019 First Thursday will be April 4
        1. Theme: Hats on the Avenue
        2. Entertainment: Janna Audey Band
        3. Sponsor: Alexandria Country Day School
        4. Spotlight charity: Friends of Guest House
        5. Other themes: Dog Days (May), Superheros(June), Red White Blue(July), Aloha(August), Team Spirit (September)
      2. April 6: Spring Pub Crawl theme: 70’s disco,
        1. 12 participating restaurants
        2. Benefiting Rebuilding Together Alexandria and DRBA Flower Fund (beautification grant program for DRBA businesses)
    4. Del Ray Artisans:
      1. Current show: “For the Artist” current show through 3/31
      2. Next show opens on April 5: “No Comfort Zone”
  9. Meeting adjourned: 8:10pm