Membership Meeting Minutes-January 13, 2021

  1. Welcome, Virginia Bush, DRCA President
    1. Reminder to renew DRCA membership
  2. Alexandria Police Report, Capt. Dennis Andreas
    1. 2020 statistics: Crime up 18%, citywide, larcenies and stolen autos
    2. Good news: Crime up in Del Ray only 4%
      1. Stolen auto: Keys left in auto, perpetrator jumped in during warm up
      2. Walgreens robbery: Regional series. One arrest. FBI involved.
    3. ADP involved in preparation for Inauguration.
    4. Questions:
      1. Arrest in indecent exposure case?
        1. No
  3. Alexandria Sheriff’s Office Report, Capt. Sean Casey
    1. Happy New Year
    2. Battle to keep Covid spreading in jails. Tough on staff, inmates
    3. ASO also involved in preparation for Inauguration
    4. FFX SO death
  4. Report from Planning Commission, Rod Kuckro, former DRCA President
    1. E Monroe teardown
    2. LUC opposed SUP, but slapped down
    3. Developer intended to tear down and no interning of renovation
    4. LUC recommends  to hold developer accountable
  5. Update on DRCA Mask Fundraiser, Kristen Gratton, DRCA Membership Director
    1. 30 holiday masks , 2 still available
    2. Raised $630
    3. Possible employer match
  6. First (Annual?) Holiday House Contest, Rachel Lazarus, DRCA Activities Director
    1. Special award to Holiday Card Lane on East Luray
  7. Alexandria Flooding, Bill Skrabak, Deputy Director of Infrastructure and Environmental Quality; Jessica Lassetter, Senior Environmental Specialist; Jesse Maines, Division Chief, Stormwater Management
    1. Backflow Prevention Reimbursement Program: 135 applications since 2018 reboot
    2. Up to $5000 flood-proofing doors windows
    3. Enhancing maintenance:
      1. Clearing out out culverts along Hoof Run
      2. Use of cameras
      3. Four Mile Run:  Removing sediment
    4. Questions covered:
      1. Runoff from parking lo?
      2. More incentives (rain barrels)?
      3. Parks improvements (Commonwealth), like Cook Pond
      4. Impact of neighbors building ADUs, parking pads?
      5. CASCA evaluation?
      6. Flooding
        1. Heat maps for flood reports from 311 calls
      7. Backflow preventers creating bigger problem?
        1. Map to see what neighbors have backflow preventer?
  8. Announcements
    1. Del Ray Business Association:
      1. 70 participants, 4 winters in scavenger hunt (gift card to local businesses)
      2. Nominations sought for Heart of Del Ray award
      3. Marketing campaign:  I ❤️ Del Ray
        1. Look for door hangers
        2. Google Doc: Survey
      4. Alexandria “Restaurant Week to Go”
        1. January 22-February 7