Membership Meeting Minutes-January 12, 2022

  1. Welcome and Board Introductions
    Tim Laderach, DRCA President
  2. Alexandria Police Department Report
    Captain Dennis Andreas, APD

    1. 1.7 down citywide. There was a “rough patch” in December but a little down from year before. Crime driven by burglaries.
    2. 6 part 1 crimes: 5, one grand larceny (MVA GTA)
    3. Number of high profile crimes
    4. Arrests:
    5. Firefighter
    6. Homicide
    7. Beauregard (7/11)
  3. Alexandria Sheriff’s Office Report
    Lt Lemuel Houston, ASO

    1. ASO is staffing up
    2. Operation Elf in December (toys for kids whose parent incarcerated)
    3. Message from Alexandria Fire Department: A number of fires on account of space heaters (improper use, proximity). Be safe!
  4. Parks Committee Update
    Peter Garafolo, Chair

    1. The arborist is expecting to do planting on the Commonwealth medians in Fall 2022.
    2. Community engagement process is still being planned. They’ll keep us informed as they progress with project
  5. Land Use Committee Report
    Kristine Hesse, Chair

    1. 2525 Mount Avenue
      1. At 2/8 meeting, Bonaventure Lawyer will attend regarding plans for the HHS building site at  2525 Mount Vernon Avenue
      2. Wash Bus Journal was source
      3. 78 I and 2 bedroom apartments
  6. Oakville Triangle Update
    Sara Brandt-Vorel

    1. Oakville Triangle Fact Sheet
    2. What are BMPs?
      1. A BMP [best management practice] is a method used to prevent or control stormwater runoff and the discharge of pollutants, including sediment, into local waterbodies. Silt fences, inlet protection, and site-stabilization techniques are typical BMPs on a construction site.”
    3. Who maintains the park on the site?
    4. ADA accessibility for steep berm?
    5. Concern about access to business parking (at 300 Calvert)
  7. Stormwater Flooding Update
    Katie Waynick, DRCA Membership Chair,

    1. Recent focus on smaller projects, e.g. adding more drains
    2. “Flood factors” to prioritize projects
      1. flooding from sewage back flow or  stormwater runoff
      2. Number of families impacted by flooding in a certain radius
      3. Sanitary sewer assessment renewal program
      4. Look at totality and find grant funding (help with priorities)
    3. “Richmond Day” to lobby regional greenhouse gas emissions
      1. (Omicron made it virtual)
    4. Greenhouse grant credits
      1. ALX received a good amount of funding
    5. Tranch 2 American Rescue Plan funding soon
    6. Keep an eye out for storm water with winter storm
  8. Announcements
    1. Rebuilding Together DRCA/DRBA teaming up wit Jen Walker (Mega-Team)
    2. 4-5 t-shirts still to be delivered (reach out to Katie if you haven’t received yours)
    3. DRBA:
      1. Thank you for decorating contest
      2. 2022 event calendar getting finalized (Most events outside)
        1. First Thursday resumes
        2. Rebuilding Together
        3. Del Ray/Old Town Softball
        4. “Well Ray”
        5. Bands and brews (takes the place of Del Ray Music Festival)
        6. Halloween Parade
        7. Turkey Trot
        8. Candy Cane Bar Crawl
        9. Next up: Heart of Del Ray. Be sure to nominate and vote!
  9. Adjourn