Membership Meeting Minutes-September 14, 2022

Meeting Slides

7:00pm: Business meeting begins – new board introductions and welcome

  1. President: Katie Waynick
  2. Vice President: James Miceli
  3. Treasurer: Jim Wallace
  4. Secretary: Virginia Bush
  5. Activities Director: Rachel Lazarus
  6. Membership Director: Elizabeth Reyna
  7. Chief Information Officer: Elena Hutchison
  • LUC meeting tomorrow, September 15 at 7pm, with Hyundai representatives.
  • Special meeting announcement: Hyundai vote: As many of you may recall from the end of our 2021-2022 membership year, a special use permit application for the Hyundai dealership on Mount Vernon Avenue was deferred until this fall. In order to provide adequate time to discuss both the budget as well as this application, the board agreed that the Hyundai application was deserving of its own special meeting, to be held on Tuesday September 20 at 7:00pm. During this meeting the updated application and recommendation will be presented by members of the DRCA Land Use Committee. 

In an effort to better facilitate discussion and keep the meeting to no longer than an hour and a half, we are asking that anyone wishing to speak sign up ahead of time using this form. Each speaker will be allotted three minutes to speak.

PLEASE NOTE: The vote occuring during this meeting will not be in favor or against the SUP application, but in favor or against the recommendation of the DRCA Land Use Committee, based on the updated presentation from the applicant. 

Only DRCA regular household and senior household members in good standing can vote. Associate members can speak during the meeting, but are not allowed to vote.

We will send a zoom link in an update email next week

7:05pm: Crime/Traffic report from Captain Dennis Andreas

  • Crime up 6% right now in Alexandria and city-wide. Crime in Del Ray is down 18%. City-wide crime is oriented around robberies and stolen cars.
  • Del Ray had 9 offenses in the last month, 7 larcenies 2 burglaries – all seem to be unrelated. 
  • Traffic stops are down 50%. Captain Andreas had to redeploy staff because of city-shortages. New recruitment website: 

7:15pm: Sheriff’s office report from Sheriff Sean Casey

  • The Sheriff’s office’s primary function is to manage the city jail, the city courthouse safety, generating deliverables based on court decisions (evictions, etc.), and assisting the police.
  • In the state of Virginia you have to have a Sheriff for every city – 4 year term. 
  • Partnered with the city on further enforcing gun safety on new initiative. They are offering gun locks (and medication locks), available at the Alexandria Sheriff’s office. 

7:20pm: Project presentation and schedules regarding lights and turf installation at GW Middle from Jack Browand (Alexandria City) and John Finnigan (ACPS)

  • Large increase in sports and students participating. In the fall fields will get dark at 6pm, this lighting will add up to 1100 hours of youth athletic opportunities. 
  • 5 potential locations: Francis C Hammond Middle School, Patrick Henry K-8 School, Jefferson Houston K-8 School, GW Middle School, Eugene Simpson Stadium Park
  • Presentation link shared here
  • City is responsible for the lighting, ACPS responsible for the turf

7:35pm: Q&A period related to lighting and turf projects

7:45pm: Budget review and member VOTE!

  • Jim presented a summary of the budget. A detailed budget can be found in the pdf linked here
  • The budget is tight – we have missed two iterations of the Home & Garden tour (every two years). On average, the tour earns $12,000.
  • Aye! Vote passed with a quorum.

8:25pm: Announcements 

  • Reminder of Hyundai SUP meeting on Sept. 15 (see details above)
  • Membership renewals – please ensure you are up to date
  • Art on the Avenue is in 2 weeks. Volunteers are still needed at the beginning and end of the event. 
  • Sunday, October 30 at 2pm – Halloween Parade

8:30pm: Meeting adjourned