Membership Meeting Minutes-November 9, 2022

7:00 p.m.: Business meeting begins promptly 

7:05 p.m.: Crime and traffic report by Captain Dennis Andreas

  • Crime is up 6-6.5% from this time last year. Del Ray continues to go down, about 19% from this time last year. 
    • The big driver is burglaries have gone down. Have had a few larceny cases, none against other people. 
    • Catalytic converter heist – a valuable car part that is stolen for chop shops. There are anti-theft devices for the catalytic converter. If you paint it with high temperature paint and write your VIN on it, it will deter thieves.
    • The week of October 20 there were 3 situations where a bb gun shot at car windows. If this happens, please report it as it’s an ongoing issue. 
    • Say “hi” to Dennis at Art on the Avenue and the Turkey Trot!!

7:15 p.m.: Sheriff’s office report by Captain Sean Casey ([email protected], 703-380-6193)

7:25 p.m: The Spitfire Club with Amanda Hazelwood (for more information email [email protected])

  • The Spitfire Club is a book club built around a collection of children’s literature featuring strong, diverse, female protagonists. By creating demand for and building an inclusive community around diverse girl-positive books, The Spitfire Club enhances literacy and social-emotional skills, nurturing each Spitfire’s love of reading, love of self, and love for Spitfires across all communities.
  • Visits neighboring libraries (Duncan and John Adams) Duncan clubs are: 1st-3rd grade Wednesdays at 4:30, 4th-6th grade Thursdays at 4:30
  • Holding a book drive (elementary age children), collecting “found” objects drives
  • Member of the DRBA and the DRBA held a fundraiser for them

7:40 p.m: Volunteer Alexandria with Marion Brunken

  • Unable to attend

7:55 p.m.: Vote on bylaw amendment – package of technical bylaw amendments provided in Sept. 14 membership meeting.

  1. Bylaws currently state that “Jefferson Davis Highway” is the eastern boundary of the DRCA – propose edit to use the new name “Richmond Highway”
  2. Section 3.01 of the bylaws refers to a  “Business” membership that is not described below like the other memberships (and is not offered) – remove this word
  3. Propose editing standing rule #2 to clarify that the board sets location of meetings: The date and time date, time, and location for the regularly scheduled meetings shall be determined by the Board at the first meeting in August.

The vote passed with 31 members supporting the amendments.  

View our updated bylaws here!

8:05 p.m.: Adjourn