DRCA seeks representative to Oakville advisory group

The DRCA is seeking a representative to serve on the Oakville Triangle and Route 1 Corridor Advisory Group, which will advise staff on a pending proposal to redevelop about 13 acres of the 20-acre Oakville Triangle industrial park on Route 1 as well as how to deal with development expected to eventually take place on nearby Route 1 properties.

The advisory group will have nine slots, one of which has been allotted to the DRCA.

For those who wish to apply to serve as the DRCA representative, more information, including the application form, is available here on our site. Members of the Land Use Committee and DRCA Executive Board will make a decision on the appointment after a discussion at the Land Use Committee meeting on Thursday, April 10. NOTE: THE APPLICATION PERIOD HAS NOW CLOSED. 

If you wish to apply for one of the other slots, the application can be found on the City’s website.