Support sought for naming park for Judy Lowe

As mentioned during the March membership meeting, DRCA President Bill Hendrickson is seeking neighborhood support to name the city pocket park at the corner or East Del Ray and Commonwealth Avenues for the late Judy Lowe of Del Ray.

The DRCA had earlier considered asking the city to name the new highway bridge carrying Route 1 traffic over the rail corridor (the Monroe Avenue Bridge) for Judy, but a petition was never submitted to the city.

Subsequently, Bill spokewith Judy’s three children, who agreed that naming the pocket park for her would be a more appropriate honor given her neighborhood activism, especially with the DRCA, and the fact that the park is close to her longtime Del Ray home.

Judy Lowe was a true spirit of Del Ray. She touched the lives of countless people and was symbolic of the close-knit nature of the neighborhood.

Bill is seeking short testimonials from people who know her that he can submit to the city in hopes of having this park named for her. Please send them to Bill at [email protected].