Membership Meeting Minutes-June 13, 2018

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Welcome
  2. Alexandria Police Report
  3. 2017-2018 Board Recap
  4. Land Use Committee Report
  5. Recycling in the City 
  6. One Virginia 2021
  7. Special Guest: US Congressman, Don Beyer
  8. Board Elections
  9. New Business
  10. Announcements
  11. Adjournment

  1. Welcome and introduction, DRCA President Rod Kuckro
    Call to Order: 7:04
  2. Alexandria Police Report, Captain Dennis Andreas
    1. ​Del Ray has 1.7% of crime in City.
    2. No unlocked vehicle larcenies this month!
    3. 15 crashes month, no injuries
    4. Traffic stops: 47 last month
    5. Del Ray and Commonwealth: Under scrutiny, 2 hit and runs
    6. 33 parking violations
  3. 2017-2018 DRCA Board Recap, Rod Kuckro, DRCA President
    Big check presentation

    Big Check representing proceeds from the 2018 DRCA House & Garden Tour presented to the Del Ray Gateway Project

    Big check from House & Garden Tour proceeds presented to the Del Ray Gateway ProjectRod shared his thoughts about serving as president for these past two years from the perspective as someone​ who first served as president nearly 30 years ago. Not every goal was met but he was proud that the Town of Potomac Historic District was re-surveyed; its expansion remains on the DRCA radar screen.
    Redevelopment of Mount Vernon Avenue and land values will continue have an impact on nature of neighborhood.  When sites are up for sale, there’s no telling what will happen (e.g., Arlandria Floors). There’s no protection for buildings under 100 years old.
    The House and Garden Tour raised raised $16K. Melanie Oliva, a nursing student, received this year’s $1K scholarship.
    The remainder of the proceeds (minus tour expenses and  the $1K set-aside for the 2019 scholarship) is going to the Del Ray Gateway Project, featuring the Nancy Dunning Garden. A “Big Check” check  for $3,500 was presented to the Dunning Family and their supporters. In August work begins on pool area; 2020 spray park work begins.

  4. Recycling in the City, Michael Clem, Waste Production Specialist, Alexandria Transportation & Environmental Services
      1. Solid waste notes:
      2. Looking for citizen support, change behavior with how we use, reuse and recycle
        1. Food waste recovery program (compost collection) at all City farmers markets.
        2. Refused collection staff: 24% city staff haulers and 76% private hauls (city regulated)
        3. Waste recovery energy  plant on Eisenhower produces energy for 25K homes
        4. 3(4) solid waster streams:
          1. Trash
          2. Recycling (3 centers)
          3. Yard waste—>is sent to Eisenhower Center for mulching
          4. Food waste—>PG Co.
        5. Recycling Goal: 25% req’d for recycling, City currently at 49%
        6. Single stream is bad. Can’t sort it out effectively.
            1. Different plastics different melting temps
            2. Glass tough. No blue glass
            3. $72 “recycling” glass
            4. $43 “covanta” trash
            5. City used to sell recycling for $180; now paying $17 to take it away
            6. Material value has been downgraded: Newspaper and magazines were valuable. China stopped buying
            7. Covanta costs $0 for 2025-2038 in lieu of paying for plant. Then it will start charging the City.
            8. Climate change is an issue.
            9. Expect a survey over the summer.
            10. We need to improve quality of recyclables.
            11. City may offer customized (fee-based) service packages.
            12. See what’s coming:
            13. Glass remains a problem. Not being recycled but added to trash stream. “Buy less glass”
  5. OneVirginia 2021, Jamie Conrad
    1VA is a grassroots group advocating sensible redistricting in VA. VA is 5th most gerrymandered state. Current system favors incumbent party and redistricting occurs every ten years (after Census). 1VA calls for independent commission.
  6. Special Guest: Congressman Don Beyer
    1. The Congressman addressed:
      1. DACA
      2. 45 retirements in the 45 (most ever)
      3. 8th district least gerrymandering in VA. Supportive of VA2021
      4. Fair representation act
      5. Rank choice voting
      6. Does away with gerrymandering
      7. Women in workplace, more women in the C-suites
      8. Employment challenged
      9. Tax reform
      10. Gun violence
      11. Local issues: Metro funding
      12. 2019 Nat’l infrastructure Bill?
      13. Airplane noise (including helicopters)
    2. Concerns from audience:
      1. Federal workforce (esp retirement issues)
      2. Vet suicides
      3. DACA children
      4. Net Neutrality—>legislation
      5. Thank you from Gayle Reuter
      6. Thanks for support for Climate Change and ask to support for mass transit
      7. Beyer: “I’m a big transit fan even though I’m a car dealer”
      8. Crystal City next downtown? 20% empty
      9. High speed rail?
      10. 49%  challenger are women
      11. Healthcare: Pre-existing conditions: Reverse waiver economically and politically unpopular
      12. Tax cut and debt?
      13. Defense expenses
      14. Affordable housing? Look to  Switzerland?
      15. Minimum income/minimum wage? Alaska model? $600/mo per family
  7. DRCA Elections, 2018-2019 Board
Outgoing President Kuckro and Incoming President Ebbers

The gavel passes from outgoing DRCA President Rod Kuckro to incoming DRCA President Annie Ebbers

The slate of candidates presented by the Nominations and Elections Committee was elected by acclamation:

  • President: Annie Ebbers,
  • Vice President: Ellen Patrick
  • Membership Director: Virginia Amos (incumbent)
  • Activities Director: Tom Ortiz (incumbent)
  • Treasurer: open
  • Secretary: Seán Crumley (incumbent)
  • Chief Information Officer: Skyler Yost
  • Past President: Rod Kuckro (ex officio)
  1. New Business:
    Virginia Amos moves to approve ​$500 to pay for DRCA storage unit. Tom Ortiz seconds. Motion carries.
  2. Announcements:

Del Ray Business Association

  • Cinema Del Ray: Lego Batman
  • “Well Ray”, June 23: MVA closure  Custis-Uhler from 9 to 1 for event. Famers market open.
  • First Thursday: July 5, Red, White, Blue
  • Del Ray Music Festival: July 14
  • ​First Thursday: August 2: Aloha Thursday
  1. Meeting adjourned: 8:51pm