Membership Meeting Minutes-September 12, 2018

  1. Welcome
  2. Year in Review, Annie Ebbers, DRCA President
  3. Alexandria Police Report, Capt Dennis Andreas
  4. Land Use Committee
  5. DRCA 2018-2019 Budget Presentation, Bea Robinson, DRCA Treasurer
  6. Potomac Yard Metro Station Update
  7. Announcements

  1. Call to Order, 7:01pm
  2. Year in Review, Annie Ebbers, DRCA President
    1. $12K to Mount Vernon Community School in 2016. Construction on playground renovations has begun
    2. Town of Potomac Historic District resurveyed and update submitted to Virginia Department of Historic Resources.
    3. Gateway signs have been put up at the gateways to the former Town of Potomac
    4. Chili cook-off raised fund for Rebuilding Together Alexandria, porject house on Dewitt.
    5. House and Garden Tour raised $2K to fund scholarship for two years, remainder goes to the Del Ray Gateway project.
    6. Adopt-a-Park raised $3.5K through parks cleanup
    7. DRCA provided a forum to meet with local elected officials
    8. Provided neighborhood recommendation on numerous land use cases
  3. Alexandria Police Report, Capt. Dennis Andreas
    1. Traffic:
      1. New speed limit on Route 1: 25 MPH
      2. Short of crossing guards for schools opening
      3. Commonwealth remains “on radar” for enforcement (speed and stop sign violations)
    2. Crime:
      1. Indictment for Reed Ave homicide
      2. Aug Indecent exposure involving a juvenile.
      3. Door to door solicitors need a permit
      4. Lock your cars, take keys (2x in 30 days); hide bags and valuables
      5. Stolen bike (forgot lock)
      6. 3 larcenies from autos, 2 smash and grabs
    3. Parking:
      1. 47 incidents (too close to fire hydrants, to corners, etc.)
      2. Roughly 50/50 calls from residents vs observed by LEO
      3. Accident at MVA and Del Ray Ave.
  4. Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Committee
    1. No  report
  5. Land Use Committee
    1. No cases in September
    2. Committee needs new members
  6. DRCA 2018-2019 Budget Presentation, Bea Robinson, DRCA Treasurer
    1. DRCA met with Del Ray Business Association and others to prioritize sponsorships
    2. Sponsorship should increase DRCA visibility in community
    3. Focus on events early in year to include in budget presentation.
    4. Still option to use funding request process to request sponsorship for events later in membership year
    5. Costs impacts
      1. Funds saved without DRCA holiday party in 2018
      2. Fees went up GoDaddy five-year renewal
      3. Storage rental a new expense.
      4. WildApricot costs higher
    6. Motion carries
    7. Brief discussion funds
  7. Potomac Yard Metro Update
    1. Fred Robinson WMATA Proj Manager; Mitch Bernstein and Jason Scofi from City,
    2. Contractor has been selected and contract awarded. Next step, a review by PYMIG (= advisory group).
    3. Project proceeding on two parallel paths (WMATA, City)
    4. Project “descoped” (loss of southern entrance) and now needs a DSUP from Council/Planning Commission
    5. Without southern entrance, access from Glebe Road now 300’ longer.
    6. Potomac Green residents have 700’ longer walk + elevator (plus stairs)
    7. City option for its own crossing  precluded by limited funding
    8. Approval DSUP process: Application 7/18; public input 9/26, 10/22, 11/26; Planning Commission and City Council hearings in December
    9. Questions:
      1. Use of Mirant Plant land for staging? No.
      2. Loss of trees? Perhaps. Unknown. (But any lost must be restored)
      3. Walk through from Potomac Green ? Yes (outside fare zone, but closed when station closed)
      4. What about new detours?
      5. Impact on Potomac Yard Park?
      6. Jon K would be willing to pay extra taxes to maintain old pass-through.
      7. Projected opening? 2022
      8. Name of station? Potomac Yard
  8. New Business
    1. Name that park!
      1. New park at near Simpson Field needs a name.
      2. $22,500 matching funds approved to build park provided $22,500 is raised  by June 30, 2019 deadline
      3. Concept: “Natural space”
      4. Initial vote nominations closes Sunday (10/7/18) night
      5. Winning name will be forwarded to City Council who must approve.
    2. Questions: Community input on new speed limit?
  9. Announcements:
    1. Del Ray Artisans
      1. September show: Eat Drink & Be Merry (large component is ceramic, nationwide pool of entries)
      2. October show: Symmetry, a photography show, opening, Friday, October 5 (Art on the Avenue eve)
    2. Grassroots Alexandria,
      1. TWU partnership, 9/27, 6:30 Discussion of Sheriff’s role with ICE
      2. School Board Candidates Forum, Del Ray Methodist Church, Lunceford Hall (“here”), Wednesday, October 3 (for all three districts), 6:30pm
    3. Del Ray Business Association
      1. Art on the Avenue, Saturday, October 6
        1. 23rd year, all artists spaces filled in May.
        2. Thanks to DRCA for for sponsorship
        3. Volunteers needed!!
      2. Halloween Parade, Sunday, October 28
        1. Thank you to DRCA
        2. Volunteer call will come later, Art on the Avenue
      3. Last Cinema Del Ray of the year:
        1. Coco, forecast iffy but reason for optimism
      4. Del Ray farmers market open on Saturday, despite TS Florence
        1. No compost collection!
    4. Meeting adjourned, 8:17pm