Membership Meeting Minutes-September 11, 2019

    1. Call to Order and Welcome, DRCA President, Virginia Bush
    2. Alexandria Police Report, Captain Dennis Andreas
    3. Alexandria Sheriff’s Office, Lieutenant Sean Casey
    4. DRCA Committee reports
    5. New Business: Glass Recycling
    6. Community events reports: National Night Out, First Thursday
    7. FY20 Budget Presentation, DRCA Treasurer Amber Gould
    8. The year ahead
    9. Announcements

    1. Welcome and Board Introductions:
      1. Betsy Whalen, Vice President; Amber Gould, Treasurer; Sara Turkaly, Membership Director; Seán Crumley, Secretary; Amy Vander Vliet, Chief Information Officer were all elected by membership in June.
      2. Not present: Annie Ebbers, Immediate Past President
      3. Virginia Bush, President and Kelly McDonald, Activities Director were vetted by Immediate Past President and appointed by incoming board over the summer.
    2. Alexandria Police Report, Captain Dennis Andreas
      1. Traffic: 137 stops, up from 94, mostly along Russel Road and Route 1
      2. Accidents: Pedestrian struck at MVA and Glendale
      3. Crime:
        1. Larceny from auto at dealerships
        2. Three unsecured bikes stolen
        3. Three businesses experienced break-ins.
      4. Four-way stop at Russell and Windsor seems to be working out
      5. Regarding scooters, APD can enforce laws.
    3. Alexandria Sheriff’s Office, Lieutenant Sean Casey
        1. SO Overview (secondary law enforcement, manage City jails, protect courts)
        2. Community Outreach, e.g., “Bumblebee Parade” for four-year-old cancer survivor Whitaker Weinburger.
        3. ASO has new uniforms: Navy blue, white, blue. Older brown uniforms no longer manufactured.
        4. The 3rd community sheriff’s academy now in session. Next chance to sign up will be in spring.
    4. DRCA Committee reports
      1. Adopt-a-Park
      2. Overview: DRCA has adopted six parks (​Commonwealth Island Medians, Del Ray Mini Park-Judy Lowe, Mason Avenue Mini Park, St. Asaph Park, Simpson Gardens​, WOD Trail Park​). The Committee cleans up the park and earns point upon City inspection. Each year the Committee earns $3-4K for DRCA.
      3. Need new committee chair!
    5. New Business: Glass Recycling
      1. Motion to create a glass recycling committee to bring a glass recycling bin to Del Ray.
      2. Vice President Betsy Whalen volunteers to chair.
      3. Committee will scope out possible locations and request City place a bin on the north end of town.
      4. Motion carries with no opposition
    6. Report: “How the Board Spent their Summer Vacation”:
      1. National Night Out: New format, new location. Approximately 80 attendees, including City Administrator Jinks, Alexandria Police Chief Brown, Alexandria Sheriff Lawhorne and Hizzoner Mayor Wilson.
      2. First Thursday: DRCA sponsored the September installment of this DRBA event and chose A Space of Her Own (local mentoring program)
    7. FY20 Budget Presentation, DRCA Treasurer Amber Gould
      1. After discussion, motion by Jon Quandt to approve budget as presented, seconded by Betsy Whalen.
      2. Motion carries without opposition.
    8. Old Business
      1. Kristine Hesse gave update on Kettle Park project
    9. The year ahead: Ideas from Members
      1. Bill: Park maintenance
      2. Lisa: Park crawl
      3. Day: Stop City from cutting park budget!
      4. Catherine: More benches on the Avenue for the elderly and disabled
      5. Gayle: Porch parties!
      6. Welcome pack fro new residents
      7. Involve rental properties
      8. Involve renters
      9. Welcome back elected officials
      10. Updates on WMATA, metro station, Amazon, VT Campus
    10. Announcements
      1. Del Ray Business Association
        1. Art on the Avenue, Saturday, October 5.
          1. Volunteers needed
        2. Halloween Parade, Sunday October 27
          1. Volunteers needed
        3. Alexandria Turkey Trot, Thursday November 28
          1. Volunteers needed
        4. For more info about volunteering: Please visit
      2. Del Ray Artisans
        1. Current show: “High Note”
        2. Next show: “Art Inspired by the Twilight Zone”
        3. Holiday market coming in December (three weekends)