Membership Meeting Minutes-October 9, 2019


  1. Welcome
  2. Alexandria Police Report
  3. Alexandria Sheriff’s Office
  4. DRCA Committee Reports
    1. Land Use
    2. Adopt-a-Park
  5. Alexandria City Public Schools, Update on T.C. Williams
  6. Changes to City’s Noise Ordinance
  7. Kettle Park Funding Request
  8. Announcements

Meeting Recap

  1. Welcome, Virginia Bush, DRCA President
    1. Welcome new members: Chris from OH, Ashley and spouse from Crystal City, Nathan, Nick and Katherine, Greg and Amanda.
    2. Board introductions: Betsy Whalen, Vice President; Any Vander Vliet, CIO; Seán Crumley, Secretary; Sarah Turkaly, Membership Director.
  2. Alexandria Police Department, Capt Dennis Andreas
    1. Crime:
      1. Five part 1 in Del Ray
      2. All larcenies
        1. 1 Shoplifting, 4 theft auto (3 unlocked)
        2. 2 during day, cleaning contractors
    1. Traffic
      1. 13 vehicles crashes
        1. 1 resulting in injury (bicyclist on Commonwealth;  driver cited)
      2. 59 traffic stops, focus on Richmond highway
        1. 79 last year
    2. Major cases:
      1. September 26: 64 vehicles damaged, felony,suspect held without bond
      2. Officer involved shooting
        1. 300 North Beauregard, suspect shot and wounded while burglary in progress. Officer on admin leave. No details available at this time.
    3. Feedback on scooters: [email protected]
      1. Council considering changes in city code
        1. Banning on sidewalk where bikes are banned
        2. One rider per scooter
        3. Helmets required
        4. 6-8 mph on sidewalk
    4. Speeding tickets were waived, speedometer not properly calibrated
    5. Questions
      1. 3 business break-ins. No news (under investigation)
      2. Police can wear shorts!
      3. Alexandria Foundation telemarketing-(A national fundraiser not APD)
  1. Alexandria Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Sean Casey
    1. ASO Overview (detention center, city jail, courthouse)
    2. Special events (Halloween presence)
    3. Triple Crown recognition
    4. Calls from scammers pretending to be ASO? Report to ASO!
  2. Land User Committee, Kristine Hesse
    • City getting ready to update to Mount Vernon Avenue Small Area Plan from 2005
      • Review will start in 2020.
    • LUC needs new members
  3. Adopt-a-Park Committee, Jon Quandt
    1. Perfect score last month
    2. Still seeking a new chair
  4. Alexandria Public Schools, High School Expansion Update, Dawud Abdul-Rahman
    1. Over the next 5-10 years, high school population is expected to from 4,000 to 5,000 students
    2. On 9/26, School Board voted to expand the City’s one high school (T.C. Williams) by a vote of 6-3
    3. Minnie Howard campus to expand from 100, 000 —>300,000 square foot
    4. Plus curriculum design work. (10/24 board meeting on curriculum design)
      1. Human resources, education, STEM, arts
    5. Flip athletic field and school building (3-year period without fields)
    6. 10/15 public meeting: Announce next steps
  5. Alexandria Noise Ordinance, Lisa Goldberg, Alexandria Transportation & Environmental Services
    1. City Noise Ordinance first passed in 1963
      1. Title 11 Chapter 5
    2. Review now at public outreach and public input stage
    3. Permitted hours:
      1. Construction (M-F7a-9p, Sat:9a-6p): no change, however a new provision for DIYers
      2. Trash collections-no change
      3. Power and lawn equipment: no change
      4. New: Cleaning mechanisms limited to 7a-9p, (9a-9p weekends)
    4. Decibel limits:
      1. New: Day and night limits
    5. Prohibitions
    6. Issuance of permits (e.g., special events)
    7.  Exemptions:
      1. Metro, airport
  6. Kettle Park Update
    1. Park plan went out to bid and costs was higher than budgeted
    2. Park watering to be performed by City
    3. DRCA board already in favor of funding for boulders
    4. City determined that beds and tree could be covered by budgeted amount
    5. (Trees to be planted in spring)
    6. Amount budgeted $38K, cost proposal $45 budget. Implementation plan  could not include cost of proposed boulders ($6,900).
    7. Request to DRCA to cover cost of planned boulders for Kettle Park
    8. Motion to approve funding request $6,900, to come out of DRCA beautification fund
    9. Motion carries
  7. Announcements
    1. Del Ray Citizens Association
      1. Membership renewals now due. Please renew!
    2. Del Ray Business Association
      1. Thank you for DRCA sponsorship for Art on the Avenue
        1. 50-75 people visited Del Ray that day
      2. Thanks for Halloween parade sponsorship
      3. Memorial service for Pam Fitzgerald, Saturday,, October 12